I love music, so why wouldn’t I love festivals, so one of the highlights of my year is working as a Podiatrist caring for fellow music lovers!!

I am very proud to work as part of volunteer group called the festival medical services based in Evercreech. It is a voluntary organisation that provides medical care at various festivals nationwide.

This year at Glastonbury festival 4500 patients were treated for various complaints and only 46 need to leave the site. Without this service local amenities would be overrun, as the population at worthy farm during the festival is the size of Bath!!

Has a podiatrist I work mainly at Glastonbury and Reading music festivals. We provide emergency foot care on site. Typically we see lots of blisters caused by the demands of standing and walking for extended periods of time and often from wearing inappropriate footwear. A blister may not seem like a big deal but it can be very debilitating and if left open can lead to bacterial infection spreading into the leg a condition known as cellulitis. My job is to keep people mobile and prevent any such complications from running their experience.

Other common issues we deal with are ankle sprains and wounds. This year quite a few tick bites!!

Below are some photos of some of me & my colleagues the day before it all got started!!

I will be working Reading in August so look out for me next update!!