I am a musculoskeletal podiatrist with 15 years of experience working within the NHS and private sector.  I treat a wide range of foot, ankle and lower limb problems from acute injuries such as ankle inversion sprains to commonly seen overuse conditions such as forefoot pain, heel pain, shin splints, calf pain and anterior knee pain.

I work with patients of all ages and have the years of experience and expertise to be able to accurately assess, diagnose & advise on best treatment options available according to current research and best practices.

It is vitally important to me as a therapist I am always evolving my practice so I can deliver the best care to my patients and clients.  I attend multiple courses every year so I can achieve this.

I am also clinical lead specialist podiatrist in biomechanics for Somerset NHS trust and so I’m always fully informed of what is going on and always delivering modern care & services. 

15 years of experience I believe in addressing  the underlying cause of the problem and empowering you to better self management, and not just delivering passive treatments that lead to multiple visits, costing you lots of money and creating a codependency.

Over the years I have developed multiple skills in manual therapies for the lower limb; joint mobilisations & manipulations, acupuncture and more recently fascia manipulation.  Combining these strategies with load management techniques ie taping, strapping and orthotic prescription mean that I can always find an appropriate treatment plan that works for you.

Contrary to a lot of other podiatrists, I will never over use orthotics in my treatment plans, orthotics can be used as a short term pain modifier along with other manual therapies enabling tissues to settle down so you can recommence activities.

Equally important is making you stronger and more durable by encouraging exercise and activity.

I have a large interest in heel pain and have found that my combination of therapies work really well against these conditions.

I have experience in lower limb sports related injuries and can help you with recovery and rehabilitation. Following a thorough dynamic athlete assessment; including movement & gait analysis I can highlight weaknesses in your biomechanics that is contributing to the problem and an individual exercise programme will address load management, functional conditioning & gait retraining to help you get back stronger to your activities whether it be walking or sports.