Our feet are very complex structures and are the mechanical foundation of our bodies, there are more nerve endings in the feet then anywhere in the body, and if they are not functioning effectively you can develop pain and discomfort on activity and even postural problems caused by compensations throughout the musculoskeletal system.

“Foot pain isn’t normal and you shouldn’t have to accept it as normal”

If you have been experiencing mechanical pain or discomfort when weight bearing at work, whilst dog walking, during jogging or participating in sport then a detailed lower limb biomechanical examination will identify the underlying causes.

You I will have a better understanding of what the underlying problem is and how best to treat this.

Orthotics or insoles are best described as mechanical devices that alter the way we interact with the ground, they modify and reduce damaging forces that cause tissue stress, dysfunction and eventually pain if we continue to overload the structures in this way.

Orthotics are sometimes described as arch supports, and are often recommended to people when they are told they have ‘flat feet’ or they ‘over pronate’!  They can be sourced from chemists, shoe stores, sports shops or online.  Sometimes simple arch supports or supportive footwear maybe all you need to reduce that load from the ground.  However, if not, you require a musculoskeletal podiatrist to prescribe you something more customised.

Best treatment plan for yourself Before any decision is made I like to incorporate a shared decision making process so you can decide the best treatment plan for yourself that you are fully invested in and feel comfortable with.

Prefabricated Orthotics – As an effective non-customised alternative, I can prescribe these with various wedging material.

There are 2 types of orthotics I prescribe:

1) Semi customised: Are prefabricated devices that I modify depending on what your requirements are.

2) fully customised: Are 100% bespoke made to measure for your exact requirements.

Both types of orthotics are effective, but the fully customised devices last longer and are tailor made to the shape of your foot following a 3d scan.

  • Prefabricated Orthotics – As an effective non-customised alternative, I can prescribe these with various wedging material.
  • Semi Bespoke Orthotics – I can semi-customise these devices so that they will suit the average person.
  • Custom Made Orthotic Footbeds – I will fully customise these devices with a measuring devices that will use a 3D scan of your foot. I can deliver a wide range of orthotics services to fit into any style of footwear – whether you are looking for performance trainers or fashion shoes.
  • Flopthotics – These flip flop style of sandals have in built orthotics that have been customised to suit your foot from a 3D scan, and so you can have the support of your normal orthotics when you are wearing your summer shoes.