I provide routine foot care to alleviate painful nails where nail deformities are present, and debridement of callous and corns; that are pressure areas which develop due to increased load from the ground caused by your individual biomechanics, and also stress from incorrectly fitting footwear which cause pain and discomfort when walking.

Fungal nail infections are very common and can be a source of frustration because they look unsightly and are difficult to treat with over the counter products because the infection is in the skin under the nail. I can manage this problem and can help restore the nail back to its original condition if there is no permanent deformity to the nail.

I also provide foot care for people who cannot safely self care or reach their feet due to age or immobility.This service is available as a domiciliary home visit for people who cannot attend the clinic.

Experience is important when using sharp blades on the skin, and treatment should not be painful, and bleeding following treatments is not a normal outcome. Flowing treatment you should feel relief and vitality.

15 years of experience I have 15 years of experience having refined my skills treating a variety of high risk challenging feet on a daily basis within my NHS role. You can feel reassured that you will receive a high level of skilled care.

I have advanced diagnostic and management skills that ensure you get the most efficient and effective care available.

I have seen and treated everything imaginable so please don’t feel embarrassed or ashamed of your feet.

I also offer a deluxe chiropody treatment that is a custom service tailored to your specific needs. One element used is Warm wax therapy applied to the skin which helps rehydrate dry skin and prevent painful cracks/fissures from developing.